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India won the Confucius Prize for Literacy 2016 sponsored by China as the recognition for literacy linked skill development activities carried out by the Malappuram unit of JSS which is an NGO under MHRD, among rural adults, women, school dropouts and differently abled Paid Skiptracing tools persons in backward areas of Nilambur. The selection of prize winners among the applicants all over the world, is made by an international jury appointed by UNESCO. In a note explaining the award, the assistant director-general of education of UNESCO says the jury highly appreciated the literacy programme of JSS in Malappuram for its effort to use multiple technological tools to support , manage and monitor progress, in particular the innovations such as Braille materials and talking pens used for literacy programme. Various projects ensuring equivalent education to illiterate and neo-literate living in backward regions of Nilambur, are the highlight of JSS programme. The project offers skill oriented programmes to the economically backward , physically disabled and mentally retarded, widows and tribal people of the region. The programmes have already covered more than 53,000 beneficiaries since it was launched in 2006. Rajya Sabha MP from Kerala, P V Abdul Wahab is chairman of the project and V Ummar Koya is the director. Talking on the ongoing project, the MP said, the project has succeeded in helping nearly fifty thousand people of backward region improve their economic status through skill development programmes like stitching , mobile phone repairing, embroidery, bag making etc and the equivalent education programme under the project has brought down the school drop out rate to almost zero in the region. "The project is gradually changing the living condition of entire people in the region including tribal and Muslim people. Women are self-sufficient and tribal families are ready to send their children to schools", said the director V Ummar Koya. JSS had also won the Sakshar Bharat Award instituted by MHRD in 2014, for its involvement in continuous education programmes.

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